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AURBAN re-defining the outdoors

The "outdoors" typically conjures up images of camping or visiting beaches or national parks, often involving travelling far away from your home.  


However, at AURBAN, we're seeking to re-define, and broaden, what it means to be outdoors. To us, your own garden, terrace, even your balcony…anywhere, everywhere can be the outdoors!  We're encouraging you to try and discover the "new outdoors": a place where you can relax with family, friends and other loved ones. You may even find a second kitchen, dining room or even a brand new living space, one with fresh air, sunshine and space for all.  So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore! 


On top of this, AURBAN is still helping our customers enjoy the traditional outdoors, as camping trips, visits to the beach or hiking will never get old. 


AUBARN offers a wide range of products specially designed and suitable for both outdoor living and outdoor dining.  Our company and products focus on four main values: (a) environmental sustainability;(b) promoting urban life; (c) design; and (d) of course, impeccable taste.   


AURBAN seeks to provide all of these things (and much more) by both distributing selectively sourced high-quality products from partners all around the world and developing our own innovative products. 


AURBAN is now the exclusive distributor in Taiwan for ENDERS, ONE BAR, Boskke.

Enders is an outdoor brand from Germany, which was founded by August Enders in 1883.


Enders has over 137 years’ history and market-leading expertise in outdoor camping, BBQ, outdoor heaters and camping related equipment.


With leading technology and outstanding design in these areas, Enders has a strong brand and loyal customer base of many barbecue and camping fans.


Enders' outdoor grills include charcoal grills, gas grills and portable camping stoves.


Enders focuses on providing a high-quality user experience. All products are developed using world famous German technology and elegant European-style aesthetics, containing the perfect blend of form and function. 

Enders has a broad mix of products, ranging from products suitable for beginners all the way to the most experienced grillers and professionals… allowing everyone to easily use and enjoy the fun of BBQ!